Systems Engineering and IT Solutions
We work closely with our clients to fully understand both short and long-term mission objectives, then design custom IT strategies and solutions to support those objectives. Our engineering and solutions approach includes:

  • Problem Definition – We identify what tasks or problems need to be resolved
  • Design – We identify parameters required for the solution, and consider alternate solutions
  • System Analysis – We consider how each potential solution performs relative to objectives
  • Optimization – We choose our best solution and further groom the performance
  • Decision-Making – We present our recommended solution and any alternatives
  • Planning for Action – We work with client to plan for implementation and follow-on support

Past Engineering and IT Solutions provided by OTi in the past include:

  • Training and Evaluation Products
    Our instructional system designers can customize training solutions for any size organization, providing quality end-user training and evaluation via any media.
  • Capacity Planning
    We can expertly analyze your current capacity, current and future demands, then project the expansion necessary to avoid any downtime or service interruptions.
  • Network / System Design and Implementation
    OTI calculates your network and computing capacities and takes responsibility for all phases of your transition to a new or expanded infrastructure. We show you how
    to preserve your current investment in capital equipment, and give you a roadmap to the technologies that you have targeted for migration.
  • IT System Performance Tuning
    Our system engineers / analysts are certified and experienced on industry-standard and specialized products, including products from CISCO, ARUBA, BROCADE, RED HAT, HP, MICROSOFT, DELL, PANASONIC, and many others. We can analyze your current system usage patterns and capacities, and then diagnose potential limitations or problems keeping your system from running at max capacity.
  • Technology Refresh Programs
    We have established ourselves as a premier provider of technology refresh services, routinely completing technical refresh requirements for several of our customers.
  • Customer Education and Knowledge Transfer
    Make your transition to any new technology a smooth one. New product deployments can be challenging and frustrating. OTi plans for all phases of the transition or migration, making the event much less stressful on personnel.
  • Cloud Services
    With our partner, DynamicOps, OTi has the ability to help customers quickly and economically implement a Private Cloud environment without changing their underlying fabric. This approach is unique as it does not prescribe the buying of one technology over another, and in-fact supports multiple hyper-visors, multiple server platforms, multiple storage platforms and multiple communications networks, and in most cases allows your organization to more efficiently use your existing resources, avoiding additional capital expenditures. 
  • Deployable IT Equipment
    Our engineering team has provided several solutions where ruggedized, deployable IT equipment was required. We have several design approaches to meet any requirement where rapidly deployable, mobile, MILSPEC IT solutions are needed.

Cybersecurity / Information Assurance (IA)

OTI has strong, proven past performance applying a defense-in-depth approach to IA control design, implementation and support. This approach ensures appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and availability for robust and reliable IT systems. Using such approaches as the Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) or Risk Management Framework (RMF), OTI personnel are fully qualified and experienced in helping clients meet their industry’s information security and reliability requirements.

Professional Management and Logistics Services
OTi has over 60 years of combined experience in management strategy and logistics solution engineering, with corporate backgrounds and training rooted in some of the top Fortune 500 companies.  OTi’s simple philosophy is, “Understand the requirement; provide the best solution at the best price”. This mindset has allowed our company to remain a valued provider of program management solutions for several years, successfully executing and managing many diverse contracts, including:

  • S. Army Medical Training Evaluation System (MTES), including system design, procurement, assembly, configuration, testing, accreditation, deployment, training and helpdesk support.
  • US Navy Fleet Numerical METOC Center, including IT security, auditing, engineering, access control, IA workforce management, DIACAP services, IAVM, and doctrine management.
  • S. Army Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT), including, system design, staffing, system registration, cataloging, deployment, and training at 18 worldwide locations.

IT Consulting and Customer Support (Help Desk)
We offer an array of customer support options, including:

  • Configuration, Application Usage & Operational Assistance
  • Technical Advice
  • Problem Diagnosis and Resolution
  • Work-Around Development and Implementation
  • Manufacturer Warranty, Multi-Vendor Support and Maintenance Programs

Our expertise is in Professional Engineering Services and Products.