OTi SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Plan

Our Quality Assurance Plan describes the strategy and methods that our team will deploy to ensure that:

  1. The project is being managed, developed, and deployed in a sound and reasonable way.
  2. The project’s deliverables are of acceptable quality before they are delivered to the project’s clients.

Quality Assurance (QA) Management ensures that a project is on track with scheduled deliverables and within budget. OTi conducts QA using independent quality reviews. Project processes are monitored for effectiveness and project risk is continuously addressed. This independent and regular evaluation of project performance provides the confidence that the project is progressing in a satisfactory manner. Reviews are documented using Quality Assurance reports to indicate status and make recommendations. QA reporting feeds into Issue Management and Status Reporting and coordinates with Change Management, Staffing and Communications Management. OTi has a long history of delivering outstanding quality products and services to the U.S Armed Forces and the Warfighter. The SeaPort-e program has a diverse set of functional areas and Regional Zones that may require the participation of multiple internal and external partners.

As a result of these partnerships, the QA plan will be tailored as needed to address a specific task order. Obviously, the larger the task order, a more formal and comprehensive plan will be required and quality assurance will be obtained from external resources. For smaller task orders, quality assurance will be performed internally provided that it is performed by independent staff.

OTi’s Management System has an efficient management system that is understood, accepted, utilized by all OTi Team members and partners and recognized as the key enabler to OTi Team’s success. The goal of the management system is Client Satisfaction, On-time Delivery, Quality Performance, Employee Engagement, and Financial Performance.

Quality Assurance through Task Order Specific Quality Plans Diverse Task Order requirements call for a robust and scalable methodology for managing quality from the simplest to the most complex task order. In addition, when the OTi Team forms to deliver a solution using multiple internal and external partners, the OTi Team members and partners follow a consistent and disciplined approach. The OTi Team will utilize our basic QA plan and tailor it as needed to be Task Order Specific. The OTi QA plan has been fully accepted and modeled after MIL-Q-9858, and utilizes the best commercial practices.

QA checks and reports are factored into the Master Program Schedule (MPS) at regular and/or critical intervals. During the planning and scheduling phases of any task, the QA team is identified to ensure that each team member is experienced and independent of the project. Routine QA meetings will also be factored into the MPS with the first meeting ensuring that all components of the QA plan are clearly defined and understood, that the report format has been established, and that report due dates are understood and acknowledged.

All OTi Team and Partners are committed to ensuring that QA processes are followed, adhered to, and continual efforts to improve services will remain at the forefront of our commitment to our customers.